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Cosmic time is the origin



I was born on the 3rd of January 1977 (1:30am) in Wuppertal (Germany) as "Jens, Herbert, Kilian, Erich, Helmut Uebelt" in the City of the first suspension railway, and get adopted at the age of 7.

 I started to make music at the age of 7 with a C64. Age 13 I got myself an Amiga and started to make electronic music.

After graduating I decided to dedicate myself more professionally to music so I got myself 2 synths and a PC.

Ever since I has been trying hard to get my music released on a label but until the year 2007 I had no success with that whatsoever.

So I finally dared to send my music to Bonzai Music even though I did not really believe in a positive outcome from it. I had been a fan of Bonzai Music and before that from the orgininal Bonzai Records label.

The surprise was big as I got a positive answer and shortly after that my first release came out:

"Prayer 4 Freedom".

In the years 2013 and 2014 I released songs at and for the german TV-Show "Spacenight". 


 Now I am producing my music with a MacBookPro, LogicPro X

and Synthesizers. 









Further  development in the music business :


30.10.2007 --- Release "Prayer 4 Freedom" @ Bonzai/Banshee


11.11.2008 --- Release "Thinking Ghost Of Evidence" @ Bonzai/Banshee


09.12.2008 --- Release "Spaceharmony" @ Bonzai/Banshee


14.04.2009 ---Release "Healing Sound Of Godless Harmony"  @ Bonzai/Banshee


22.09.2009 --- Release "Mood In Space" @ Bonzai/Banshee


01.12.2009 --- Release "Time Travel" @ Bonzai/Banshee


21.09.2010 --- Release "The Answers" @ Bonzai/Banshee


23.03.2011 --- Release "Spacewalk"


09.11.2012 --- Release "Arbitrium Anima" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


26.03.2013 --- Release @ "Spacenight"    *E.R.M – INRI (earthview 9)*


26.03.2013 --- Release @ "Spacenight"    *E.R.M – Le Soleil Brille (earthview 6)*


05.05.2013 --- Release "Colors Of The Rainbow" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


06.12.2013 --- Release "Kling Glöckchen kling (4K Ultra HD Dub)"


0?.0?.2014 --- Release @ "Spacenight"   *E.R.M - The Thrill*


09.12.2014 --- Release "Peace 4 Every 1" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


18.12.2015 --- Release "FLUEGELSCHLAG" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


20.09.2016 --- Release "39" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


19.02.2017 --- Release "Charity4life vol.4" 100% CHARITY FOR KIDS


01.07.2019 --- 0:00 --- Release "A New Dimension Of Mind" @ ATranceRecords


25.07.2019 --- Release "Nale feat. Angel Falls - Castles in the sky (Jens Brzoska Remix) TTE Traxx